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Tuesday & Thursday 10am - 12pm
Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10am - 4pm

To make an appointment, contact the City of Elizabeth Office of Public Health at 908-797-2393 or via email at wanda.cohen[at]elizabethnj.org.

EMID / ID de Ciudad

Se han reanudado las citas de EMID.

Para hacer una cita, comuníquese con la Oficina de Salud Pública de la Ciudad de Elizabeth al 908-797-2393 o por correo electrónico a wanda.cohen [at] elizabethnj.org.


THE ELIZABETH ID IS ALSO A LIBRARY CARD! To apply for an Elizabeth ID, you must be at least 14 years old. When applying for a Municipal ID, you will need the following:

• proof you are resident of Elizabeth, NJ

• proof of your identity

ELIZABETH ID is accepted identification:

• To all City Buildings

• To all City Sponsored Services

• To open a Bank Account in select banks*

• To Elizabeth Public Schools

• For the Elizabeth Police Department *Banks that accept the Elizabeth ID may accept it as a primary or secondary ID to open an account. Banks endorsing the Elizabeth ID cannot guarantee the cardholder will be eligible to open an account. Independent banking regulations may apply

ELIZABETH ID Cardholders can receive:

• Access to free library services including Internet

• Various material to checkout (books, DVDs and magazines)

• Streaming services….and more! *All Library Cardholders Must Comply With LibraryPolicies

ELIZABETH ID benefits:

• A Library Card that grants the cardholder all borrowing privileges to the Elizabeth Public Library

• Cardholder will receive benefits to local businesses and attractions.

Is My Privacy Protected?

Yes! The Elizabeth ID program will not retain copies of the documents you present to apply for the ID. You will not be asked about your immigration status. You have the option of choosing your gender identity on your card.

ELIZABETH ID verifies that you are a resident of the City of Elizabeth.

For a complete list of acceptable documents needed to apply for the ID card and to learn how you can benefit from the ID card, please visit www.elizabethnj.org.

Documentation Requirements to Apply for the ELIZABETH ID

Requires at least 4 points to prove identity and 2 points to prove residency in Elizabeth.

Please note that this is only a **partial** list of accepted documents. For a complete list, pick up an application or visit www.elizabethnj.org


Four (4) Points – Identity

 U.S. or Foreign Passport

 State of N.J. Motor Vehicle Driver’s License or Identification Card with photo

 U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident Card

 U.S. Employment Authorization Card

 Prison Release Letter/Discharge Papers

Three (3) points - Identity

 Foreign Consular ID Card with photograph

 National identification card (Must have photo, name, address, DOB and expiration date).

 U.S. Public Benefits Card

Two (2) points - Identity

 U.S. or Foreign military identification card

 U.S. high school/college transcript

 Certified Copy of US or Foreign Birth Certificate

 Proof of minor child enrolled in U.S. school

 Non-N.J. Driver’s License