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ACA Enrollment Assistance at Elizabeth Public Library
The Enrollment Period for health insurance in the State of New Jersey is November 1 - January 31.
In 2021, the Special Enrollment Period for anyone who is currently uninsured has been extended to May 31.
Visit nj.gov/getcoverednj to begin your application today!


HRETNJ Veteran Navigators are here to help! In this video, the Veteran Navigators answer your questions about health plan enrollment!
Ready to enroll? Have questions? Call 1-877-4-HELPNJ today!

About CoverNJ

NJHA’s Health Research and Educational Trust first launched its veteran navigator program in 2013 to hire former U.S. servicemen and
women and train them to assist consumers in exploring new insurance options under the Affordable Care Act. Since then, they have continued
to help N.J. residents access services to support good health, from insurance enrollment to mental health care.
For more information, visit http://www.njha.com/covernj/


NJ FamilyCare Application Assistance

Horizon NJ provides free application assistance for anyone who qualifies for coverage through NJ FamilyCare (Medicaid). Every other Wednesday from 
February 10 through April 21, a Community Health Representative will be present on Zoom to answer your questions and schedule one-on-one assistance.
Register once to attend any Wednesday on the schedule: https://tinyurl.com/elizmedicaid.

Horizon NJ brinda asistencia gratuita con la solicitud para cualquier persona que califique para la cobertura a través de NJ FamilyCare (Medicaid). 
Cada dos miércoles desde el 10 de febrero hasta el 21 de abril, un Representante de Salud Comunitaria estará presente en Zoom para responder
sus preguntas y programar asistencia personalizada. Regístrese una vez para asistir cualquier miércoles en el horario: https://tinyurl.com/elizmedicaid.