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Educational Web Sites for Children


Reading - Great site for beginning readers. Emphasizes phonics and has stories that children can read along with. - Between the Lions. - Phonics and reading. - stories for children to read along with and activities in English and Spanish - Read along stories and educational games for children - Phonics activities for children - Free reading motivation program for children in grades 1-6 - Teaches alphabet, math, phonics and reading. - teaches alphabet, numbers, shapes, and has read along stories


Math - Kindergarten to grade 8 math - elementary to   high school math   - Good site for online interactive math examples for grades K- high school - Math for grade1 through college - Math for kindergarten to grade 6. Fun with fractions, place values, story problems and “really big numbers”  - math games and work sheets for middle schoolers




Educational Games and Homework Help - Educational games that are fun for elementary school children - Educational games for preschoolers on cartoonnetwork - Web site in English and Spanish- Activities and Information relating to the exploration of outer space. - Articles on topics covered in elementary school social studies classes. - homework help for students of all ages -Science fair project resource guide - Good source for help with finding ideas for science fair projects and carrying them out. - Homework help for children - Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee – word list compilation of over 100 National Spelling Bee word lists - Activities, Experiments, Games and Homework Help in History, Science, Geography and Art - educational games based on characters in children’s books - Learning activities for young children, numbers, shapes, colors in English, Spanish, French and German - Educational activities for ages 4 – high school - Educational games for elementary school children  - Educational games for preschoolers