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TASC Testing has been suspended at this time.

If you need your test scores, access to your transcript, or have any questions regarding the TASC Test, please email fcastro[at]elizpl.org.


Test Time: 10:15am

The test begins promptly at 10:15am. Please arrive no later than 10:00am.

If you arrive later than 10:30am, your exam will be cancelled.

 If you do not have an excuse for cancelling, you will not be allowed to register for another exam for a period of two weeks after the previously scheduled exam.
If you do not plan on taking your scheduled test, please email fcastro[at]elizpl.org.

Test Location: 3rd Floor Computer Lab
Elizabeth Public Library
11 South Broad Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07202


1.    A money order made out to Elizabeth Public Library
•    $106.00 if you are taking your first TASC test (this covers all 5 subtests)
•    $21.20 for each re-test

2.    A current, valid government-issued photo-identification
•    Driver’s License, Non-driver’s License, Passport, Military ID, etc.

3.    A current proof of address
•    Bank statement, Utility Bill, Lease or Mortgage statement, etc. 

Mathematics                 105 minutes
Writing                           110 minutes
Reading                         85 minutes
Science                          75 minutes
Social Studies                75 minutes

If you have any questions, please call us at (908) 354-6060 x7223
If you need to reschedule please let us know at any time.

Good luck!