Reserve the use of a Library Internet Computer:


Please read all the instructions first.

1. Elizabeth Public Library Internet computers may be reserved for 1 hour by people owning a valid Elizabeth Public Library card.  Reservations do not apply to dedicated word processing, database, or catalog computers.

2. Computer use is subject to availability, and is governed by library policy. Session time is 1 hour, and is terminated automatically. The library will not be held responsible for any work lost when your session is terminated or if technical difficulties arise. Patrons must leave a computer that has been reserved for someone else.

3. You must be prompt. Reservations are only held for 10 minutes after the time you sign up for, after which anyone with a valid card may use the computer.

To reserve a computer:

1. Have your library card ready. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the link "Elizabeth Public Library Cardholders click here ..." .

2. Choose a location by using the left pull down menu. People reserving a computer at the  Main Branch need to choose EPL.

3. Choose a date by clicking on the little calendar icon to the right of the Date Text Box, or type a date in the Date Text Box using the format mm/dd/yyyy. Skip to the next step if you are using today's date.

4. Check that you have entered the proper branch and date information. Click on the Submit button.

5. Enter your Elizabeth Public Library card number in the text box labeled Account/ID Number. Type all the numbers including "0's", but do not type any letters. Leave off the "a" and the "b" if your library card has them next to your number.

6. Chose a time, which appears as a column heading in the reservations table. Unfortunately, these time listings will disappear as you scroll down the list. We recommend that you place your mouse pointer in the column of the time you want to request, and use the "PgUp" and "PgDn" keys to move through the list of computers. 

7. Click the corresponding radio button that represents the time and computer you want to reserve. Please note that computers in the Children's Department may not be reserved for the sole use of anyone 13 years of age or older.

8. Double-check what you have done. Only a staff member can change a reservation once it is submitted. If you have made a mistake, click the "Clear" button, and pick the right computer and time. Once you are certain all the information is correct, click on the submit button at the bottom of the web page. Do not click on the "Submit" button at the very top of the web page - the computer will think you are changing the date.  

9. Be at the computer you have reserved before your time is scheduled, so as to not miss your reservation. Reservations are only held for 10 minutes.

10. Elizabeth Public Library Cardholders click BELOW to reserve an internet computer.